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Obec Chocholná-Velčice

Basic facts

The village Chocholná-Velčice is located on the right bank of the middle flow of the river Váh in the Trenčín basin, about 9 km to the southwest of the town Trenčín.  From the northwest the village is protected by the White Carpathians. The cadastre of our village is formed as a narrow stripe spreading from the plain of the Váh up to the border with the Czech Republic.

The centre of the village is 220 m above the sea level, other parts of the cadastre are from 198 m (the plain of the Váh) to 806 m above the sea level (Dúžnik). The area of cadastre is 2797 ha.

The region is dominated by the tops of Bošáca cliffs (Upper cliff - 703 m above the sea level which is out of the village cadastre, then Tlstá hora - 606 m above the sea level, Sokolí kameň – 695 m above the sea level and Skalický vrch – 437 m above the sea level ), and the main ridge of the White Carpathians with peaks Kykula - 746 m above the sea level and Machnáč - 771 m above the sea level.

In 1943, villages Malá Chocholná and Veľká Chocholná joined to create one village Chocholná. In 1960 two independent villages, Chocholná and Velčice also joined and created the present village Chocholná-Velčice.

Basic facts

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