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Obec Chocholná-Velčice

The village at present

At present population of the village counts more than 1700 inhabitants. Several private entrepreneurs dealing in food processing industry, production of structural elements, earthwork, road transport and trading are based in the village. The significant role in the life of the village plays also the agricultural cooperative farm which covers majority of the farmland. However, the prevailing part of the population travels to their work to Trenčín.

Desire of village people to provide their households with healthy drinking water was fulfilled in the year 1995 when the local water supply system was built. In 1996 the village was connected to the gas pipeline system. Lately, Slovak Telecom realized the complex telephone system of our village and outlying mountain settlements, joining it to a new digital telephone exchange. In the year 1998 motor way D1 with a significant crossroad Chocholná passing through the southeast part of the cadastre was finished. In future years local authorities together with neighbouring villages prepare construction of a sewage pipe system connected to the waste water plant in the village Ivanovce.


The historical development

Several organizations take care of the social and cultural life in the village. In the past it was the local basic school with its teachers who devoted to the development of the village. At the beginning of the last century under hard conditions of hungarianization, Ferdinand Dúbravský a patriotic teacher, writer, cultural worker acted in the mountain settlements. In the year 1903 he founded the first school in the mountain settlement Kykula, which was the first mountain settlement school in Slovakia. Also further village teachers as Gustáv Ábel, Ondrej and Melánia Maťaš, Ján Vácval and Emília Baďurová entered the history of the village by their enthusiasm in development of the cultural and social life.

It was also the amateur theatre that contributed to further development of culture in the village as well as the folklore ensemble Kykula and children folklore ensemble Kykula under the supervision of Katarína Kuchtová, which however, are not active  at present. At present Anna Petrová leads the women choir Studienka. Further organizations as Voluntary fireman corp., Local library, Local organization Matica slovenská, Democratic women union of Slovakia, Red Cross, Hunting Club Sokolí kameň, Physical training union Sokol, breeders and others are active as well.

Football ground and tennis courts provide for the sport activities in the village. There are excellent conditions for hiking in close surroundings, too. As far as the nature is considered, especially the mineral springs are interesting, the mineral water can be found in the area of the village as well as in the close surroundings.

Further possibilities and ways of development of the village are expected after the admission of Slovakia into the European Union. Our village together with other neighbouring villages created the Union of villages, whose aim is cooperation of the villages at the development of the whole region. The Program of economic and social development of villages up to the year 2013 is the first result of the mutual cooperation.

To fulfill own program goals our village has elaborated several projects – namely, projects of the reconstruction of the village centre, public lighting, the house of culture as well as the municipal council. Changes of the territorial plans are to provide for development of new production units as well as areas for the construction of new family houses.

At present two constructions are being realized, namely the mortuary in Malá Chocholná and cemetery pavements in Velčice. Building arrangements have been done to build up the sewage system in the village. For the purpose of its realization our village has entered the partner’s group of several villages in order to obtain the financial aid from the Cohesion fund for the project “Protection of water sources of the Trenčín region”. Building up the sewage system in our village is the part of the project.

Activities of village people and their authorities in cooperation with social organizations and political parties are guarantors of further development of our village even under present not easy conditions.


The village at present

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